Former Members

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

2013-15  Vanitra Richardson, M.S. (PhD graduate student)

2012-13  Xiao Song, B.S. (MS graduate student)

2011-13  Jenny Kwok, B.S. (Veterinary School, University of Pennsylvania)

Departmental Teaching Fellowship

Excellence in Teaching Instruction Award

2008-12  Jamie L. Marshall, Ph.D. (Project Manager, Broad Stem Cell Institute, Harvard University)

Eureka Fellowship

NIH T32 Genetic Mechanisms Predoctoral Training Grant

Cure Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Travel Award

Edith Hyde Fellowship

Award for Best Poster Presentation, Myomatrix Conference, 2012

NIH T32 Regenerative Musculoskeletal Postdoctoral Training Grant

2009-10  Alhondra Solares, Ph.D.  (Postdoctoral Fellow, INSERM, France)

CONACYT Fellowship from University of Mexico for Visiting Scholars

2008-10  Michelle Kim, M.S.  (Medical Student, University of Florida School of Medicine)

Departmental Teaching Fellowship

2008-11  Johan Holmberg, M.S., Ph.D.  (Junior Faculty, University of Lund, Sweden)

Swedish-American Research and Education Foundation, declined

Tegger Foundation Fellowship

Swedish Research Council Fellowship

Royal Physiographic Society of Lund Research Award

2007-09  Aditi Iyengar, M.S.  (Research Scientist, Peregrine Pharmaceuticals)

Departmental Teaching Fellowship

2006-08  Christopher Ko, M.S.  (Postdoctoral Fellow with James Weiss, M.D., Ph.D. UCLA)

Interdepartmental Training Grant in MCIP

2005-07  Swapan Metha, M.S., MBA  (Manager, PharmaVoxx)

NIH T32 Interdepartmental Training Grant in MCIP

2003-07  Angela K. Peter, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow in Cardiomyopathy with Leslie Leinwand, Ph.D, HHMI Professor, Univ. Colorado, Boulder)

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Best Oral Presentation at MCIP Retreat

NIH T32 Interdepartmental Training Grant in MCIP

Ursula-Mandel Fellowship

Edith Hyde Fellowship

2002-08  Gaynor Miller, Ph.D.  (Lecturer in Mammalian Genetics of Disease, University of Sheffield)

Research Development Grant from the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Award for Poster Presentation, New Directions in Skeletal Muscle Biology & Disease

2002-03  James E. Hansen, M.S., M.D.  (Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Radiology, Yale University)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship for Medical Students

Josiah Brown Award for Poster Presentation

Award for Best Oral Presentation, American Federation for Medical Research

2001-03  Christopher E. Yi, M.D.  (Resident in Surgery, University of Southern California)

Departmental Teaching Fellowship

2001-06  Janine M. Bekker, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist, FivePrime San Francisco)

NIH T32 Interdepartmental Training Grant in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Excellence in Teaching Instruction Award

2000-01  Rasha S. Germain, M.S., M.D. (Chief Resident in Neurosurgery, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix)

Departmental Teaching Fellowship


Undergraduate Research Trainees


2016-17  Young Song

2015-16  Jessica Lam

2015  Ashley Tarchione, B.S. (MD/PhD Medical School, University of Nevada)

Amgen Scholar (University of Nevada, Reno)

2015  Rebecca Pharon

Summer UC Scholar, University of California, Berkeley

2014-16  Abel Ferrel, B.S. (PhD graduate student, Stanford University)

Minority Access to Research (MARC) Scholar

NIH Bridges Summer Undergraduate Research Program

HHMI Exceptional Research Opportunities Program (EXROP)

2013-15  Eva Ma, B.S. (Medical School)

Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

MCDB Honors Student of the Year

2013-15  Tim Nguyen, B.S. (Medical School)

2013-15  Regi Nguyen, B.S. (Medical Transcript Correspondent)

Biomedical Research Minor Award, Whitcome Fellow

2010-13  Jennifer Oh, B.S. (Pharmacy School)

CARE Undergraduate Summer Scholarship

2010-13  Joy Lee, B.S. (Medical School)

2011-13  Allan Kwok, B.S. (Physical Therapy School)

Biomedical Research Minor Award

2010-12  Madeleine Cross, B.S.  (Research Assistant, UCSD)

Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2010-11  Renuka Rudra, B.S.  (MS Student in Biology, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine)

2009-11  Eric Chou, B.S.  (Research Assistant, UCSF)

Undergraduate Research Scholars Award

2009-11  Amber Ocampo, B.S. (PhD Graduate Student at UC San Diego)

Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2009-10  Omar Bakr, B.S. (PhD Student in Bioengineering, UC Berkeley)

CARE Undergraduate Scholars Program

Homer Stone Prize for Excellence in General Chemistry

2008  Jenna Wilson, B.S.  (PhD Student in Bioengineering, Emory University)

Amgen Scholars Summer Internship Program

2008-10  Brittany Burton, B.S.  (PhD Student in Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University)

CARE Undergraduate Scholars Program

2008-9  Elizabeth Canales, B.S.  (Medical School, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA)

CARE Undergraduate Summer Scholarship

2008-10  Nigel Hsu, B.S.  (Teach for America)

Physiological Science Departmental “Best Student Award”

Departmental Award for Best Poster

Undergraduate Research Scholars Award

Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2008-10  Danielle Kay, M.D.  (Surgery Resident, Tulane University School of Medicine)

Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Scholars Award

2007-09  Suhn Rhie, B.S., Ph.D.  (Postdoctoral Fellow in Genetics, University of Southern California)

Woman for Change Award, UCLA

2005-08  W. Thomas Clarke, M.S., Ph.D.  (Medical Student, Yale University School of Medicine)

Marshall Scholar Award

Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Fellow

UCLA-endorsed candidate for Rhodes Scholar

UCLA Charles E. and Sue K. Young Award

Undergraduate Research Scholars Award

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Honored Graduate Award

Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2006-08  Catherine Chu, B.S.  (Administrator Kingston Technology, Taiwan)

2004-05  Erica Espinoza-Trezza, B.S., R.N., P.A.C. (Physician’s Assistant, UCLA)

Short-listed, Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2003-05  Kari M. Morrissey, B.S., Ph.D.  (Scientist, Genentech)

Beckman Undergraduate Scholars Research Training Grant

Undergraduate Research Scholar Award

Wasserman Scholar Award

Vice Provost’s Recognition for Outstanding Undergraduate Research

2002-04  Emily Wang, MBA, M.D.  (Resident in Anesthesiology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital)

Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Training Grant

Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Vice Provost’s Recognition for Outstanding Undergraduate Research

2002  Shanil Lara-Rivera, M.D.  (Private Practice in Internal Medicine, Florida)

Miss Puerto Rico-World

Internship for Puerto Rican students to conduct research abroad

CARE Undergraduate Summer Scholarship

2001-03  Dijanna Figueroa, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow in Marine Biology, UCSB)

Co-star of the documentary film on marine life “Aliens of the Deep” by James Cameron, Director

CARE Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research